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What Is It?
Master Menus is a simple but powerful application to create and maintain restaurant menus. Using state of the art software to make menu creation and maintenance quick and easy, Master Menus provides a single, central menu source for all websites that feature your restaurant.
Master Menus - A Short Introduction
Online Restaurant Websites
Traditionally, Online Restaurants Guides display menus which are often out of date and quite different to the menus being used at the establishment. This is a problem for the public, which then becomes a problem for the restaurant.
3 Simple Steps
Create your menu
using a simple yet powerful interface
Publish your menu
to make it available to other users and sites
Update your menu
and all sites remain up to date
This means you only ever need to maintain one central (master) menu. Your own website and any other websites that feature your restaurant will all display the latest menu that you have created.
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Create and update multiple menus easily and quickly.
Using Master Menus you can change prices instantly, temporarily suspend menu items when ingredients are unavailable, duplicate items quickly (and assign a different portion size and price) or even duplicate entire menus for multiple branches.
Your menus are always up to date... everywhere.
Master Menus provides a data feed to online restaurant guides, allowing them to display your menu with its latest changes and prices. Every copy will be up to date and every copy will be identical.
Streamline your printing and tableside systems.
Master Menus will also provide a data stream for your printing company whenever you need to print menus and will also allow you to use tablet computers (iPads) as electronic table menus.
Website and portal owners.
If you are a restaurant owner with a website, you can display your latest menu from Master Menus on your website. Choose from various themes, fonts, colours and layouts so that the menu displayed matches the look and feel of your website.
Your menu can even be displayed on your Facebook page and will automatically be up to date - always.
No installation required.
Master Menus is a free web based application and suitable for all computers and tablets.
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